Fix Pinched Nerve in Your Neck

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This is an effective exercise to help with a pinched nerve in your neck. A pinched nerve in your neck can cause chronic neck and shoulder pain and can cause numbness and tingling into your hands.
We call this exercise the “Double Chin exercise” because you pretty much will give yourself one while doing it. This exercise should be done 10 at a time. Depending on your case it should be done every hour or 4x a day. Your head is to slide straight back in a neutral position. We don’t want you looking up or down while doing this. So you should do it in a mirror the first couple times to get it right. Hold your head in the back position for 1 second and then let the head relax forward. DO NOT push your head forward, when you relax it will automatically go to the correct position.
If there is pain with any exercise, STOP, and contact your chiropractor.
If this doesn’t relieve your discomfort you may have a structural shift. This will take more intervention including structural correction. Contact us, we can help! Call us at 404-997-2207 Atlanta GA | Inman Park


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