Our office will be out-of-network with all health insurance companies.
We can, however, give you what’s called a “Superbill”.
It’s a fancy receipt that you can send to your insurance company, and they will pay you directly, instead of the payment going through our office.
We can run HSA/FSA cards, as well as all major credit/debit cards for payment.

Prices can be found on the scheduling page next to the service you are interested in.

After scheduling your appointment online, you will receive an email confirmation. If you did not get an email, then you may have not finished the booking process.

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This will differ from person to person. Some factors that determine your recovery include age, the initial severity, mechanism of injury, lifestyle, and how long you have waited before seeking care. Some people will feel substantially better before leaving the office, and others may take a few adjustments. Always remember these adjustments are essentially building up muscle memory for your spine to stabilize itself and allow you to perform at your best. Each adjustment builds off the previous adjustment– so keep consistent!