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At Any Spine Chiropractic and Massage Studio, our motive is to improve your life quality through better treatment that facilitates better movement. Our experienced Inman Park chiropractor and massage therapist can help you get rid of neck, sports, and CrossFit injury pain.

Relax and let us help you today.

The majority of chiropractors in Atlanta, and the chiropractic profession as a whole, are what would be characterized as “traditional.” See how we’re different.

A structural shift is a primary condition where there is an imbalance in the fascial lines of your body and or boney misalignments in your spine or extremities.

Secondary Conditions are known as symptoms. They are Secondary because they are caused by something else. Ex: Back Pain.


At Any Spine Chiropractic the examination is always done by a doctor and is extensive, so please schedule to be at our office for approximately 60 minutes.

We do not wish to speak on behalf of any other health care professional but wish to contribute objective information to help you make the best-educated decision for you.

We have helped thousands of people. Let us help you.

What Your Inman Park Neighbors Are Saying

  • My shoulder was hurting for a couple of days, so I saw Dr. Zach. Not only did he explained to me what was going on, but he also fixed it and was very helpful and gentle. That was my first time with a chiropractor. Being from France, where we don't really have chiropractors, I was rather skeptical. Now I am definitely going to see him on a regular basis and can already see a change! Great professionals, great pricing, a great improvement in my quality of life!

  • Dr. Zach is great. The office is clean, professional and welcoming. I have worked with many chiropractors, physical therapists, and other professionals within the health and fitness industry and Zach is the best in Atlanta. Highly recommend!

  • Dr. Zach is great - he truly takes his time and individually treats the problem - he’s a gem!

  • I had never been to a chiropractor because I was always skeptical of it being beneficial at all, but I am very pleased after my experiences here! I went in a couple weeks ago for a general wellness adjustment and I immediately felt better. After I left, I started sleeping better too! My back had been driving me crazy but thanks to Any Spine I feel much better 🙂 They were very professional, friendly, and welcoming.

  • Dr. Zach is informative and after only four visits I am feeling better. Not fixed yet, but seeing progress this quickly is encouraging! If you are like me, working from home and only standing up to walk to the kitchen or the bathroom, you may want a quick adjustment. Dr. Zach is great!

  • I was suffering daily headaches and upper back pain from a fall I had. After one adjustment, my pain was gone and I had my first headache-less day in a week since that fall. Amazing doctors! The facility was cozy and relaxing as well.

  • I'm happy to have found such a nice place to get chiropractic adjustments. I've been working with Dr. Zach for about a month now, and he is definitely the most personable doctor I've met. He really takes his time explaining the reasons behind the adjustments, and he is very open to any questions. The office itself is also a relaxing environment. I'm a fitness enthusiast, but I've been trying to improve my form and posture. Dr. Zach has definitely helped me along with the process. In addition to in-office adjustments, they provide instructional videos for home exercises that are easy to follow. I'm extremely satisfied with the care that I've received at Any Spine and would definitely recommend their services to others! (:

  • I have always wanted to go to the chiropractor for pain, discomfort, and soreness in my back and shoulders. I put it off for a handful of reasons until eventually the pain was started to get more prevalent and noticeable. Thankfully, that’s when I met Dr. Zach and heard about his work at Any Spine Chiropractic Center. I had no idea that it could be so easy, affordable, and enjoyable to see a doctor. I usually dread the hoops that most doctors make you jump through and the hole they burn in your pockets, yet my experience and treatment have been nothing but the best! It’s located right off the Beltline, so I can bike there very easily. It’s affordable and effective. Dr. Zach is always on time and never fails to make me laugh and smile. The atmosphere of the office is very relaxing and easygoing. I leave there not only with my body feeling better but also with my heart and mind. I cannot recommend Dr. Zach and Any Spine enough!

  • My daughter recommended Any Spine Chiropractic because my back and hips were all out of whack after foot surgery and wearing the surgery shoe. Getting back into walking for exercise was very uncomfortable. I was extremely pleased with the time Dr. Zach spent with me on my initial consultation. I have had several appointments and have felt much improved after each. They are extremely conscientious in ensuring a safe environment during this pandemic.

  • Dr. Zach is extraordinary and has created a tranquil space that feels calming even on days when my pain is particularly high. His holistic approach makes me feel well cared for and comfortable. I've been in multiple auto accidents and Dr. Zach has treated me for years. His plan of care for me has always felt personal and authentically geared towards my comfort and overall wellness. He creates great content on his email newsletter and the website which I find educational. He keeps the wellness conversation going and best of all -- I always leave feeling better. 🙂

  • I have been dealing with low back pain for over a year.  I have seen numerous doctors for my injury.  Dr. Zach was sincere in his intake process.  He listened to my whole story about how my injury presented.  He performed a full evaluation including X-Rays and developed a treatment plan for my individual needs.  His adjustment was focused on my injury as well as a whole body treatment. I have been to chiropractors before for many years and never gotten an adjustment as Dr. Zach gave. Before leaving the office after every treatment I was told when to come back and given a friendly hug.  Dr.  Zach is a caring and kind chiropractor who puts his patients first.  I would recommend Dr.  Zach to anyone that has an injury or is seeking a quality chiropractor for whole body wellness.

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