Dr. Zachary LaVigne, BS, DC, CCEP –  Chiropractor

Dr. Zach grew up in Northern New York in the beautiful Adirondack Park, where he enjoyed: camping, photography, hiking, downhill skiing, running, SCUBA diving, and whitewater kayaking.

He went to the University at Buffalo in New York and earned a bachelor of science in exercise science, cum laude. He then went to Life University in Marietta, GA, and received his doctor of chiropractic degree, cum laude.

Dr. LaVigne adjusts not only the spine but also the extremities. He has extensive additional training in this area of study and holds a CCEP (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner) accreditation.

Dr. Zach believes that the human body has an innate ability to heal– as long as we are not interfering with its operations. However, everything we do nowadays is artificial compared to how we evolved.

One example of this is the lack of movement throughout our day. Americans sit ten+ hours per day. This decreased activity causes our joints to stiffen and make us sore and achy. Stiff joints feel bad and are also limiting our body’s ability to accommodate extra strains and loads that are put on it with weight lifting, carrying, or just everyday activities–causing us to get injured.

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William Hernandez, LMT – Massage Therapist

Growing up I was always told I had an innate ability to heal through my hands. Family and friends were always thankful for a quick shoulder massage or my natural instinct to find and release that pesky knot in their back. This led me to realize I had a gift and an art for massage. Graduating from Atlanta School for Massage allowed me to hone my craft. Today I am thankful for being part of the Any Spine family of therapists. 

A little bit about me; I grew in NJ, lived in New York and Los Angeles, and now Atlanta is where I call home:) I enjoy traveling the world, going to concerts and dancing. I’m also a huge film buff! To stay fit, I incorporate a holistic lifestyle that includes meditation, yoga, a healthy diet, and drinking lots of water!

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