Median Nerve Glide for Hand Numbness

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Help for Hand Numbness and Tingling

Are you having numbness and tingling in your thumb through the 4th finger? Then your Median Nerve is irritated somewhere between your neck and your hand. This at-home exercise will help glide the nerve through the different structures of the arm to free it up and get rid of the numbness in your hand.

You will do this exercise only once per day — ten at a time.
Do not do any more than 1 set, ten at a time, per day.
If you do more, you can irritate the nerve and make things worse.

If your hand numbness or tingling is in your ring and pinky finger, watch this video for help

If there is pain with any exercise, stop, and schedule online with us so we can do a proper exam and get to the root cause of your numbness and tingling.

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