Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Don’t work out until you watch this video! The neck and the shoulder are so highly interconnected. There are muscles, fascia, and tendons that run from the neck to the shoulders. If there is a compensation in one, and the problem isn’t taken care of, then you will be having issues in the other. Without getting these problems addressed you will have chronic neck and shoulder pain.

The shoulder itself is attached to the body mostly by soft tissue. The only actual “joint” is where your collarbone meets your mid-chest. That’s it! Just like strings of a web, if one string is pulled tight the other areas of the web must compensate. This overtime will cause massive compensations that the body just can’t handle. There is a way to stop it. Come see us.

At Any Spine Chiropractic Center in Atlanta, we focus on what’s called structural shifts. An example for someone dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain would be, let’s say, your pec minor has shortened. Pec minor is a muscle that is below pec major. This small muscle attaches to the ribs and to the shoulder blade. If this muscle becomes tight, it pulls the entire shoulder blade up and forward. Rounding the shoulders. Once this happens your shoulder blade does not move correctly and can lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain. This is just one example. Like stated earlier, the shoulder is mostly connected by soft tissue. Any muscle or fascial line can be restricted causing your neck and shoulder problems.

We have helped so many people just like you. If you or someone you know are having chronic neck and shoulder pain please come see us. We can help you! Take a look around our site and learn how structural correction is a groundbreaking way of treating the human body and how we are different from a traditional chiropractic office.

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