The Incredible Immune System

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Now is the time to keep your immune system functioning at its best.

The human body is 300,000 years old. It was designed to be living in a different environment. The body is so intelligent, but only if we keep it in a setting that is similar to what it evolved in. Take a fish out of the water, its environment, and we all know what is going to happen.

Placing the human body in an artificial environment has devastating effects on its systems and processes. On our health. Mental and Physical.

This talk focuses on the immune system. It touches on:

1. How we have an army inside of us surveying, scanning, and detaining foreign invaders.

2. How we are interfering with our bodies natural ability to stay well.

3. The devastating health effects that this has on the human body.

4. What to do to change our outcome so that we allow our bodies to better fight off bacteria, viruses, and cancer.


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