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We still need to approach this calmly.

First, let me reassure you that Any Spine Chiropractic has protocols in place to keep you safe. 


-Every patient will be checked for fever before they are allowed on the adjusting table.

-If you are found to have a fever, you will be sent home so you can recover there, and you will not be charged for your visit. 

-There is hand sanitizer around the office and building for everyone to use. 

The adjusting table is cleaned between every single patient. 

-I am also checking my temperature and sanitizing all my equipment throughout the day. 

-I have also had the landlord install sanitary pulls on the bathroom doors to help stop the spread of disease. 


The spread of this is going to be fast. Exponentially fast. While 80% of people that get this will have mild symptoms, we need to protect our parents and grandparents. We also need to protect people with a compromised immune system and people with other medical conditions. We need to be concerned about them right now. If you are young and healthy, great, but this is about more than you.

The numbers in the US do not look horrible currently, but that’s because we aren’t testing! Since the start of this, for a country of 328 million people, it has only tested 11,000 people total. Compare that to S. Korea, with a much smaller population of 51 million people; they are checking 10,000 people per day, every day.

We are trying to slow the spread. That is why social distancing is being put forward. That means no large crowds. Do not attend events with over 20 people. This is why schools and large events are being canceled all over the world. If we do not slow the spread, the number of people getting sick all at once will overrun our healthcare system. 

Across the US, we have about 1 million hospital beds. However, only around 300,000 are free on any given day. Most hospitals are already near capacity. They cannot handle a surge of people. There are also concerns that hospitals do not have enough protective equipment for hospital staff themselves. This means, if a healthcare worker is exposed, that could put many nurses, doctors, and support staff in quarantine, also limiting the ability to help the general public.

There are 65,000 ventilators for the whole country, and almost all are in use right now because it is flu season. Most people die not from an epidemic but from not getting healthcare for other things like accidents, heart attacks, allergic reactions, etc. because of the hospitals being overrun. 

With the lack of leadership from our federal government, it is now up to individual citizens to step up and be proactive with your health:

What to do:

-Keep washing your hands

-Don’t touch your face

-Clean your phone

-Stay 6 feet away from other people

-No large group gatherings

 You can still go to your dentist, physical therapist, or mental health counselor. These are more one on one offices, not group settings. 

-No flights if you are elderly

-No cruises for anyone

-Limit physical contact with elderly and immune-compromised individuals

-Do things to help keep your immune system operating optimally 

 This can include: getting enough sleep, decreasing stress ( I know), increase your physical activity, getting 20 minutes of sun a day, chiropractic adjustments, and eating a well-balanced diet. 

 I will be emailing out a video on how the immune system works, and ways to help improve the efficiency of yours in the coming days. 

For more information, go to or

Please share this with your friends and family. We are at a critical point in this pandemic, and what we do today affects what happens tomorrow. 

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