Great Chiropractor Near Me | Help on finding one for you

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Chiropractor Near Me | Help on finding one for you

Ever wonder, “Hum… How do I find a great chiropractor near me?”  Friends and family members from out of state have asked me what to look for in a chiropractor so that they can find a chiropractor near them. So, I have written this article so that you have a general understanding of questions to ask on the phone before picking a chiropractor or things to be aware of upon entering their office. Your chiropractor has to meet three important factors; someone who listens to you, knows what they are doing, and someone you trust. There is a lot to deliberate when choosing a chiropractor, but if there is a lack of trust, then there is no reason for you to follow their advice or care recommendations.
Here are some things to look for if you’re trying to find a new chiropractor near you or seeking help for the first time. If you are currently under chiropractic care, use these suggestions to determine if they are doing an excellent job or if you should seek a new chiropractor. In addition, I have added commentary below some questions to give people who have never been to a chiropractor a reference point.
1) Look at their testimonials.
Do they have any? If so, what do they say?
Check their website, Yelp, Facebook, and Google.
2) How long is the examination process? Is/was there an exam?
This is a shocking one. I have personally been to several offices where there was no evaluation that I would consider an examination.
Any Spine Chiropractic’s examination is 45 minutes long. This includes a detailed history, orthopedic and chiropractic exams, functional movement screen, neurological examination, and postural evaluation. Without this very basic information, a chiropractor cannot work on the root cause of your complaint, let alone establish wellness care. So be wary if there doesn’t seem to be a detailed evaluation.  
3) Did the chiropractor explain to you precisely what YOUR issue is?
When they were talking with you, did it sound scripted? Does it seem like they have said the same line to every person who came before you? Did they listen to your questions, or did they blow them off?
4) For the adjustments, how long do they spend with you?
From the moment you are face to face with the doctor to the time you are off the table. Was it 3 minutes? 5 minutes? 10? 15? Now, all techniques are different, but did you feel like you were rushed through the office? Did it seem like the chiropractor took their time and checked and rechecked their work?
Adjustments at Any Spine Chiropractic in Inman Park are 15-20 minutes long. This allows us to evaluate how your body is moving that day and adjust accordingly. This also allows us to recheck our work. Working on the myofascial system ensures that your muscles, or connective tissue, are not pulling the joints out of place as soon as you walk out the door. Your entire musculoskeletal system needs to be in balance. If not, you will lack lasting results and rely on some form of bodyworker for the foreseeable future.
5) Does the chiropractor listen to what you have to say?
Did you even see the chiropractor’s face before they put you on the adjusting table?
If there isn’t a conversation, how is the chiropractor supposed to understand what is happening with YOU?
6) Is the chiropractor only working on your spine?
Did they check other joints like your ankles, knees, hips, or shoulders?
Any Spine Chiropractic takes the time and effort to check your extremities. For example: If your ankle is not allowing you to walk correctly, then how will you have a good foundation for your pelvis and lower back to sit on? Your body is a system, and every part needs to be checked. It doesn’t matter if you just got the air in your tires filled up if the lug nuts are loose…
7) Does the chiropractor do soft tissue work or fascial release work?
8) Does their schedule work with your schedule?
9) Do they get back to you if you email or call them?
10) How is the office atmosphere? Is it calm? Is it chaotic?
The healing process is much more than just an adjustment. Healing happens internally. Stress is one of the main causes of our health issues today. Your chiropractic office shouldn’t be adding to them.
11) Are there any home exercises that were given to you?
It would be best to work on yourself outside of the chiropractic office. Even the best chiropractor has limitations if you do not follow recommendations and exercises outside the office. Chiropractic is not a magic pill. We give you exercises to do at home to stabilize your foundation and allow you to have better posture. That means strengthening muscles. You have to do that; no one else can.
12) Do they try and educate you on healthy habits and lifestyle changes?
Do they have videos, handouts, or articles to help you outside of the office? Do they give you information to be better educated to make your health and wellness decisions? Even with a lengthy examination and long adjustments, your chiropractor will not have the time to talk to you about every aspect of your health. A great office will give you educational material on various health and wellness topics. This will allow you to have a more in-depth background and the ultimate goal is to enable you to make the right health care decisions for you and your loved ones.
13) What does your gut say?
 If you walk into an office or get a weird vibe on the phone, take that as a hint. If your first thought or instinct is “What the….” Then that probably isn’t the office for you.
I hope this article was helpful in your search for  “How do I find a great chiropractor near me.” If you or your loved ones have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
You can schedule your appointment with us here.
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