Cell Phones Aren’t Your Besties

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Cell phones connect us to so much now a day, yet they also disconnect us from so much of what is human. I’ll spare you my deep thoughts and the whole devil vs the angel on the shoulder spiel.  Rather this is an article dedicated to helping you utilize your phone less and keep that whole radiation thing you may have heard about away from your body.  Some apps you may want to check out would be; Checky (tells you how often you unlock your phone), Moment (tells you how often you’re on a screen) Radiation is measured in SAR (specific absorption rate) and the limit has been set at 1.6 W/kg.  If your iPhones directions say ‘don’t wear it in your pocket,’ chances are radiation is an issue we should be doing more research about. While the jury is out if it causes cancer or not, why not err on the side of caution?

1. Don’t talk with the phone up to your ear.  Use your headphones or a blue tooth device.
2. Put it in your backpack when walking.
3. Put it on the table or desk when you’re sitting (just don’t forget it)
4. Don’t sleep next to it!
Courtesy is measured in friends…
Just kidding, but seriously put your phone down when you are with colleagues or friends!  Engage in a conversation and look around!
1. Stack your group’s cell phones in the center of the table and whoever checks theirs first has to pay the tip.
2. Always place your phone face down so you don’t bother yourself or the people around you.
3. Turn off the ringer or vibrate, unless you’re expecting an urgent call.
Sleep this is measured in how many cups of coffee you need the next day. 
Are you consistently on your phone even into the wee hours of the night?  Chances are your eyes are being bombarded by the blue light, let alone all the flashes and switching topics.  We need to relax and decompress before we slumber and our phones are making this IMPOSSIBLE!

1. Turn your night shift on to avoid some blue light emission.
2. Don’t get into your bed with your phone.
3. Set the alarm, if you use your phone, and place it far away (but so you can hear it still).
4. No Social Media after 9pm! Or just pick a time and stick with it!
Posture is measured in how many times you come in to see us! 
Each inch of forward head posture adds an additional 10 pounds of stress onto your neck muscular-skeletal system.

1. Each time you text, pick your phone up to eye level.
2. Don’t put your phone between your ear and shoulder to talk.
3. Don’t always use the same finger or thumb to text.
I know these seem simple and rhetorical, but engage in the world around you and step away from your phone every once in a while, you’ll be amazed what you’ll see.
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