Chair Stretches for Office Workers

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Chair Stretches to do at Work

These chair stretches can help to ease mild to moderate neck tightness, midback soreness, and hand fatigue while working at the office. If you are in any pain, please contact us at our office located in the historic Inman Park, Atlanta. It is important to note that these exercises should not cause any pain. However, it is possible to experience some minor discomfortIf during or after the stretch you experience any pain, discontinue the exercises and contact a professional for help.

These chair stretches are a great way to relax and release tension in your neck, midback, and hands while working at the office. When done correctly, you should experience relief without any pain. If you do feel any pain, stop the exercises and contact a professional for help. We are located in historic Inman Park, Atlanta and are available to provide you with any assistance that you may need.

*Click here to see Dr. Zach’s lecture on the importance of movement

Chair Stretches to do at your office desk.

The following mobility stretches for work can be done for 5-20 seconds each and up to 3 rounds.

Neck Flexion and Extension

    1. Sit upright with good posture
    2. drop your chin to your chest
    3. then, look up to the ceiling while staying within a pain-free range of motion

Ear to Shoulder


1. Lower your right ear down to the right shoulder. Do not lift the shoulder to meet the ear. Let the head and neck relax in this position for up to 5-20 seconds. Repeat on the left side.


** If this feels too intense, stay with phase 1

1. Same movements of the head as phase 1, but now we add the weight of your arm to help increase the stretch. We are not pulling with the arm, simply using its weight to help improve the stretch you feel. Repeat on both sides.

Chair Midback Extensions

    1. place your hands lightly on the sides of your head
    2. reach your face and elbows up to the ceiling
    3. round the midback, tuck your chin, and try to bring your elbows as close to your sides as possible

*Click here to see a foam roller version of this that you can do at home or at the gym

W to Y

    1. Start with your arms out to your sides, with a bend in the elbow, palms facing forward, creating a W
    2. retract your shoulder blades back
    3. reach both hands up to the ceiling, making a Y
      1. Do not shrug the shoulders up to the ears when doing this movement

Desk Chair Midback Rotation

    1. Sit upright
    2. Rotate your body to the right
    3. Use the back of your chair to increase the rotation you can accomplish. Look over your right shoulder. 
      1. DO NOT FORCE this movement.
    4. repeat to the opposite side

Midback Desk Extensions

    1. Place elbows or hands, palm down, onto your work desk
    2. scoot your chair backward
    3. keep your back long, and drop your head so that your ears are between your upper arms.

Forearm Flexor Stretch

    1. hold your arm in front of you
    2. Keep your elbow locked out straight
    3. have your palm facing up
    4. Use your opposite hand to pull your 4 fingers backward toward your elbow gently. (don’t pull on the thumb)
    5. flip your hand, so your palm is facing the floor, and again pull back on the 4 fingers

Forearm Extensor Stretch

    1. hold your arm in front of you, elbow straight
    2. palm faces the floor
    3. lightly curl your fingers, making a very soft fist
    4. use your opposite hand to pull the hand toward the forearm

Knee Extensions

  1. sit up with good posture
  2. Kick one leg out in front of you, fully extending the knee
  3. keep your toe pointed up to the ceiling
  4. repeat 10 times on each side

Calf Pump

    1. sit upright
    2. point the toes down to the floor, lifting the heels off the ground
    3. followed by dropping the heels to the floor and lifting the toes to the ceiling
    4. do this 10 times for both legs


If these do not seem to help with the discomfort you are feeling at the end of your workday, schedule online here so that we can do a full examination and get to the root cause of your discomfort and soreness.

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