The Body Manual: Lecture 1 | Stress

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The human body is 300,000 years old. While our bodies have remained the same in that time, the software that interacts with it has radically changed. Computers, televisions, cell phones, and other modern technologies and inputs put significant stress on our bodies every day.

The body’s stress response system is a fantastic function that aims to keep us alive. If it were a feature that you could add when buying a car, you would want it.

But, in the age of technology, 40 hour work weeks, 24/7 News, and decreased sleep, that protective system is continuously running, which interferes with the healthy functions of our bodies.

In essence, our immune system shuts off, our digestive processes shut down, our blood pressure increases, and our heart rates rise. This unseen stress causes symptoms of stomach problems, anxiety, suicide, reproductive issues, and so much more.

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