Traditional Chiropractic

The majority of chiropractors in Atlanta and the chiropractic profession as a whole are what would be characterized as “traditional.”

Traditional chiropractors are excellent at temporarily decreasing muscular tension, increasing the range of motion, and of course, temporarily reducing pain. There are many wonderful traditional chiropractors in Atlanta, virtually all of whom are very capable practitioners. Here at Any Spine Chiropractic, our focus is significantly different from traditional chiropractic care.

How we’re different

Our focus is called Structural Correction, the purpose of which is to narrow in on underlying shifts in the spine or extremities that are typically responsible for a great deal of symptoms – properly known as secondary conditions. Some of these secondary conditions include numbness/tingling, neck pain, low back pain, headaches – most notably migraine headaches, loss of strength, muscular imbalance, and many more.

Knowledgable healthcare practitioners, including many well-known neurosurgeons and orthopedic doctors, refer to the underlying shifts in the spine as structural abnormalities. After taking a thorough history and fully understanding your current condition, our goal is to explain to you in very simple terms – what exactly is a structural abnormality, how we determine – with complete certainty if they are present, and how we go about customizing a corrective plan of care to efficiently restore your health.

Once we have corrected your structural abnormalities, we will show you how to protect the progress that you’ve made under our care so that you not only feel great today and tomorrow, but months, years and decades down the road.

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