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Any Spine Chiropractic

346 Copenhill Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

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Entrance to the parking area is at 320 N. Highland Ave. It is a gravel lot that we have been allowed access to. Drive to the upper lot, which runs right along side Any Spine Chiropractic. There is a temporary path that takes you right to our front porch.

  • 8am – 7pm
  • 7am – 7pm
  • 8am – 8pm
  • 7am – 7pm
  • 8am – 4pm

Would you like one of the doctors to come out and talk to you and your office about better health, proper posture, and how to decrease sick days? Contact us, and we will get back to you to set up a date for us to come out to your office.