How long will my exam take?

The comprehensive history, orthopedic and neurologic exams, and Functional Movement Screening will take approximately 45 minutes.

How long will my adjustment take?

Each adjustment, including extremity and soft tissue manipulation, will take on average 20 minutes. This is substantially longer than a traditional chiropractic office visit. It takes time to work myofascial lines properly.

Will I be sore?

After your first adjustment, it is normal to have a “workout” type soreness the next day or possibly that night.  With myofascial work, at times there may be more soreness in this area.  It is very important to drink water and get rest after your adjustments!

How long until I start feeling the benefits?

This will differ person to person. Some factors that determine your recovery include age, the initial severity, mechanism of injury, lifestyle, and how long you have waited before seeking care.  Some people will feel substantially better before they leave the office and others may take a few adjustments.  Always remember these adjustments are essentially building up muscle memory for your spine to stabilize itself and allow you to perform at your best.  Each adjustment builds off the previous adjustment so keep consistent!

Should I get a massage before or after?

If you’re lucky enough to receive a massage, opt for before, so you and your muscles will be more relaxed for the adjustments.

How often should I come in?

Again, depending on the severity of your secondary conditions, we will make a customized plan to follow for optimal healing.  At the beginning of care we will see you more often to build upon muscle memory and stabilization of the spinal structure. Some of our athletes are adjusted once a week depending on their performance needs and others will come in once a month.  It is important to be diligent with your care recommendations so you get better faster!

Do you adjust on the same day?

Yes, with the exception of us finding something abnormal during the exam warranting additional testing (x-ray, MRI).

Do I need to come in forever?

Just like routine physicals, dental exams, and car inspections it is essential to have your spinal health maintained!  Our goal is to stabilize the foundation of your spine so that you can adapt to all that life throws at you.  With that said, once we’ve established a spine that is stabilized and functioning at its best, it is in your best interest to come in once a month or so to ensure that it stays this way and doesn’t return to the place that brought you in in the first place.

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