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written by: Justin J. Lucia, BS, DC, FAKTR

Helping animals that are in pain is one of the hardest tasks to handle.  Not because they have claws, teeth, and bad breath, but because they cannot articulate what is causing their issue.  Just like us, dogs can have neck pain and headaches, pinched nerves, chronic and acute lower back pain, etc.  The treatment for pain relief for dogs is vast and overwhelming.  These could include drugs, surgery, or bedrest.

At Any Spine Chiropractic Center we focus on the structural correction of the musculoskeletal system as a whole. 

Dogs have a more bones and walk on four legs, so their ability to adapt is a little better than ours (this isn’t always a good thing when searching for musculoskeletal issues).  Also dogs are animals, thus they weren’t always domesticated and will compensate in order to hide pain.  This makes it essential to notice the intricacies of your dog’s habits in walking, playing, sleeping, and so on. I will discuss in another article things to look for that may give you the indication that something is going on with your dog.

For starters let us describe pain.  Pain is just weakness leaving the body… Maybe not, but one way to think about it is a cars check engine light saying, ‘Hey, there’s something wrong, can we do something about it?’ The longer your dog lives in pain the longer the issue snowballs and could manifest into more debilitating problems. It kills me when I see dogs struggle to walk in the door, or can hardly hold their body upright.  I know they’re in the right place and we will work with their body to get them back to doing the things they enjoy, but I these are circumstances that could have easily been avoided (like I said another article describing what to look for).

How do we get dogs out of pain?

We’ll go through a quick description of chiropractic to explain this. Our focus is called Structural Correction, the purpose of which is to narrow in on underlying shifts in the spine or extremities that are typically responsible for a great deal of symptoms (secondary conditions/pain).  Simply put, a structural shift is a primary condition where there is imbalance, or boney misalignment (subluxation) in your dog’s spine or extremities.  As an animal chiropractor my job is to work alongside your dog to find these imbalances and shifts by observing their stride, stance, balance, pain responses, and feeling along their spine and extremities.  Once I have an understanding of what is ailing the dog we will begin adjusting their body.  This includes a high velocity low force manipulation of the joints that are misaligned, or ‘stuck’.  This allows the joints to move in the correct position, taking the pressure off the discs, nerves, and relieving muscle tension (making the secondary conditions better).  As a whole this is correcting the structure of the dogs back leaving them in a more balanced state better to adapt to their surroundings.  After their adjustment I will give you some pretty easy stretches that you can do at home to aid in healing.  Dogs heal faster than we do because they have a consistent diet, sleep a lot, and don’t have our daily stressors.  This sets them up for a faster recovery time!

Overall animal chiropractic is a great means to provide pain relief for your dog!

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