I'm a personal trainer out of California and I had chiropractic sessions once a week for about 12 weeks and did not feel like my lower back was improving. After 4 or 5 session at Any Spine I started to feel 90% better and they provided me with reliable information to help with a speedy recoverey. Now I'm just on the maintenance routine. I have recommended Any Spine to all my clients.


I have known Zach and Justin for about two years now and they have taken great care of me and my wife during that time. During my tenure as a fitness coach these guys kept me performing and moving at 100%. Anytime I had issues all I had to do was schedule a visit and I could usually get in the same day so that I could get back to my clients. These guys know what they are doing and your spine is in good hands with Any Spine Chiropractic!


Thank you for taking the time with your initial assessment. You explained the results and provided me with a plan to get me back in motion. I was informed and empowered when I left your office. I am looking forward to woking with you for my chiropractic needs.


I saw a chiropractor many years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. Dr. Justin has changed my mind. I have had chronic episodes of low back pain for a few years and they have been getting worse. Dr. Justin listened, gave me a thorough exam, explained each step of the process and is relieving my pain. His blend of stretching, massage, and gentle adjustment is excellent. I have already referred my husband and sister to ANYSPINE for a wellness program.


Im picky on who I have adjusting my neck. They both always do an amazing job and I trust them!


It was my first time going to a chiropractor and I'll definitely be going back. Dr. Zach explained all the findings and finished up with an adjustment to begin fixing the problems. The office has a very homey yet professional feel. The first adjustment truly worked wonders. Everyone I met was very pleasant, professional, and knowledgable. I will definitely be a regular.


In three decades of using chiropractic care, I've never had doctors that took as much time and never tried to sell me anything. They've helped me and my daughter and we are customers for life!


About six months ago, I began to have Tinnitus (ringing in the ear), which occurred when I was having neck and back pain.  For anyone who has ever had this, it can be unbearable.  While traditional medical options are not very encouraging for Tinnitus, I decided to try chiropractic after doing some research and am sooooo glad I did.  I was recommended to these two awesome Chiropractors and they are my heros!  I can't say enough about them.  They care so much for their patients and their chiropractic skills are amazing.  They took extra time researching my symptoms, would explain the correlation to my neck and back and I am now on a maintenance  schedule.  They are the best!

Shawn (2016 American Ninja Warrior)

My experience under chiropractic care has been almost exclusively negative until coming under the care of Dr.'s Zach and Justin. I am a fitness professional of more than a decade working in Atlanta and Any Spine is the first chiropractic clinic I have ever attended for myself and now my official chiropractic referral for most complaints we engage in the gym. Any Spine combines chiropractic care with soft tissue attention including trigger point, myofacial release, taping and muscle activation. This is important for you, you person in pain looking for relief for this reason. The guys at Any Spine want you t feel better and they are proficient in the full compliment of techniques necessary to walk you from pain into relief. I will never go anywhere else.


Dr Zach's skillful attention to detail truly made a difference in my pain issue. Zach was able to uncover a misalignment in my shoulder (caused by an injury)  that no other practitioner has noticed for the last 16 years! My pain is diminished and  I feel less fatigued at the end of the work day. I have more energy than I've had in months. I will be recommending Any Spine and Dr Zach to any looking for an outstanding chiropractor!


I was adjusted by Dr. Zach while on vacation and in pain. He adjusted my back and even my collarbone! If only I lived closer, I'd go back for more. I highly recommend getting in touch with him!


Dr. Lindsey is the best. She is professional, kind, and listens to all of my issues as they change. Her service is 100% personalized to what I need. She has cured... I repeat CURED my heartburn and acid reflux that I have suffered from for 18 years. Wow! No more antacids for this lady. Her adjustments have also helped with TMJ, plantar fasciitis, and my overall range of motion. The office is clean (and smells great!) and very inviting. I recommend Any Spine to anyone looking to improve overall health. Chiropractic ain’t just for your back. Who knew? Seeing Dr. Lindsey each week has helped me tremendously. She can help you too!


Dr. Justin really takes his time listening to your concerns and does an excellent job of adjusting my back. Appointment times are well timed so you are not waiting long.


I have always been skeptical of chiropractic care, but after injuring my neck this summer and being referred multiple times to Any Spine I finally went. Both Zach and Justin know what they are doing! Not only did they help me completely recover from my whiplash injury, but they have also corrected several other things that I had grown so accustomed to being incorrect I didn't even remember what it was like to not have the discomfort! Now I try to see them whenever I want to hit a new goal in the gym, or have been working too hard. They do a great mix of adjusting but also are excellent at soft tissue work. I walk in sore and leave feeling like a whole new person! They never pressure me to return. They aim every time to fix whatever issue I have to the best of their abilities. I choose to return because I just feel better when I do!  Cannot say enough about how amazing this place is!


Great doggy chiropractor!!!  My dachshund injured her back and it was recommended that she get invasive surgery.  Instead I took her to see Dr. Justin and she was back to her normal self within about 6 weeks of treatment.  Now whenever I see her back bothering her I take her in for a treatment or two and she's back to her energetic and playful self.  He also gave me stretches to do with her to try and help her outside of his office.  He is a wonderful doctor and amazing with animals!  I highly recommend him to anyone who has a pet with an injury.


If you have senior pets or a pet that needs an adjustment, you should come here. Very friendly, and patient with your pet. My dog is 13 and he recently has been having issues with his leg. I took him here to get an adjustment and he seems to like it. Great staff, friendly chiropractors and great atmosphere for your pet.


I had never tried chiropractic until I met Dr. Lindsey, and now I am committed for life! Lindsey is so helpful in explaining what she is doing, keeping me comfortable and relaxed, and has helped solve and improve numerous health issues I've dealt with. After years of TMJ issues and my jaw locking up, her adjustments have cured this chronic issue! Not to mention all that she has done to improve my tendinitis, heart burn issues and all over wellbeing. The office is clean, comfortable and beautiful and all the doctors are friendly and helpful. I recommend anyone looking for a chiropractor who is really invested in your wellbeing come to Any Spine!


Wow. The care I received at Any Spine was above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Zach spent a full hour with me preforming different exams and assessments to figure out exactly what was happening with my spine/body. He then went over his findings with me so I knew exactly what was happening with my own body. No other DC or MD has ever actually spent time explaining and educating me so I am fully informed about what is happening. They don't make you reliant on them, they gave me home exercises and lots of tips on how to help myself. The adjustments were gentle and he did a lot of soft tissue/fascial work to help the adjustment hold. My shoulder pain and neck pain are COMPLETELY GONE! This office isn't a quick 2 min adjustment, they take their time and really care about you.  Highly recommended!


Wow! I feel great! I came to Any Spine because they could see me at the last minute and because they did a great job adjusting my dog when he hurt his back in the past. I was having neck pain from riding a roller coaster that wasn't going away and was worried something was seriously wrong. Justin spent plenty of time with me to figure out what was really going on before starting any treatment. I was expecting him to crack my back and neck like other chiropractors but it turns out I needed very little adjustment. He spent a good time stretching and loosening my muscles and I walked out of the office completely pain free. Other doctors try to get you back in the office for ongoing therapy but Justin helped me in just one visit.  I'm a true believer in chiropractors now and I will definitely be back to see Justin the next time I have any discomfort. I'm so glad I finally found something that works.


I stumbled (literally) across Any Spine Chiropractic Center in the Fall of 2014 and am so thankful that I did.  A competitive athlete for the majority of my formative years, I managed to do quite the number on my back and joints.  Several rips, tears, fractures and a back surgery later…here I am.

Since I have started my health care regimen with Dr. Zach & Dr. Justin, my pain and related symptoms have abated significantly. The adjustments I receive (including back, neck, and extremity adjustments) have had a staying power that last well beyond what I anticipated, lending support to the methods that both practitioners employ (as well as my body’s actual healing).

Any Spine Chiropractic Center is not just for any spine…its for every spine! Dr. Zach & Dr. Justin bring to the table a unique set of skills and genuinely care about your well-being (from head to toe)!  Knowledgeable, humble, easy-going, funny, and damned good at what they do…I recommend Dr. Zach & Dr. Justin without hesitation.  You could not be in better hands with these two!


I've had multiple injuries...some old (20+ years), some new; some that I thought would be with me for life.  Then I found Dr. Justin & Dr. Zach.  They are gentle, effective, educational, patient, accommodating, fun and a dozen other things.  They are THE BEST HEALERS that have ever placed their hands on me.  I'm blown away after every session.  Seriously.  I leave their office dancing.  So stop reading my review and make your appointment.  I swear on all the chocolate in the world that you will be SO happy to be in their care!


I had never been to a chiropractor before but after 10+ years of daily migraines and multiple types of medication I decided I might as well give it a try. My first visit was the last week of February and I haven't had a migraine since. It is now June. I am so thankful I decided to give it a try and for Dr. Justin and the work he has done to eliminate my migraines. I am completely medication and migraine free.

Fernando and Erin

What more can be said about Zach and Justin that hasn't already been said on some previous reviews!These two doctors not only bring a wealth of knowledge to their profession but also do such a great job of personalizing the treatment in order to improve your overall health.  It's been such a fantastic experience and my body has never felt better than in these past 2 months of treatment.  I would highly recommend a visit to Any Spine today to jumpstart the way to a healthier you!


Great chiropractic care. Woke up with back pain so sharp I couldn't make it through the day! I was able to walk in with no appointment (although appointments would probably be appreciated) and get an adjustment. I left feeling much better and by the next day completely better. I will definitely be making this my new chiropractor.


I started taking Gulliver to Dr. Justin because he was clearly experiencing back pain. He wasn't his normal self and hadn't been for a long time; not wanting to play, not interested in walks. Eventually, it got so bad that he would whimper when I'd pick him up! I knew I had to do something. Taking him to Any Spine was THE BEST idea, followed closely by the idea to continue routine "maintenance" adjustments monthly. Gulliver loves coming to the office because Dr. Justin is great with dogs and really puts him at ease. And after the adjustment? Completely different dog. He initiates plays will his sister ALL the time. We can go on long walks again. And no joke, the last time we were at Any Spine, after Dr. Justin finished the adjustment, Gulliver leaped about 2 feet off the ground! He's a stubby little dog so this is a BIG deal. I have never seen him do that before, not even in the days where adjustments weren't necessary! That alone is enough to convince me that Dr. Justin is helping to keep Gulliver pain free, feeling young, and most of all, happy. If your pup is seeming out of sorts, I cannot recommend enough that you bring him/her in to Any Spine!


I play a lot of league tennis and tennis tournaments.  As I've gotten older I've noticed things are not as quick to rebound as they used to be, or things hurt now that hadn't before.  After persistent hip pain I finally decided to reach out to a chiropractor - and I'm glad I found Any Spine. Not only does Dr. Zach know what he’s doing (my hip pain is gone), but Dr. Zach and Dr. Justin are highly personable, down-to-earth, make-you-comfortable guys - going to Any Spine was definitely the right choice.  I always leave feeling great (my serving shoulder is definitely more relaxed) and always look forward to the next appointment.


I had trained to run a half marathon for months and the week before the race I could hardly walk. Justin (and later Zach) adjusted the bones in my feet and taped up my ankles and legs so I could finish the race! Nothing short of a miracle from where I stood. They saw me at a moment's notice, coming in early, and saw me post race to get me back in full alignment.

Eros, Fergie, Merci and Eden

I have been seeing Dr. Justin for my Golden Retrievers for the past 4 months and have had wonderful results! My dogs compete in conformation, agility, obedience and field work. They are athletes and have been able to maintain peak performance with regular chiropractic adjustments. They love Dr. J!!!!


I started off visiting Any Spine after suffering from regular injuries while working out. Not only did they get me healthy, but they now work with me to prevent injuries to keep me moving. By staying healthy, I've improved my overall health, my form/technique and also am able to expand how much I can lift and how fast I can move!

Thank you Dr. Justin and Dr. Zach!


I really like these two guys. Both great chiropractors with different skills and they both will work on you if they think you need it. Pleasant surroundings and organic, free-roaming chickens in the backyard to boot! After having my baby, my back, hips and pelvis were all weak and sore. Dr. Zach helped to align me with chiropractic care while Dr. Justin would do some deep tissue stuff to help loosen things up.  Very helpful and effective. If you buy a package of visits, the price can't be beat. Also- since they are new on the scene, I never waited a minute for my appointment.  Don't know how long that will last as I'm sure their popularity will soar,  but they are worth it.


Awesome chiropractor! My shoulder was hurting for a couple of days so I saw Dr. Zach. Not only did he explained to me what was going on, but he also fixed it, and was very helpful and gentle. That was my first time with a chiropractor. Being from France where we don't really have chiropractors, I was rather skeptical. Now I am definitely going to see him on a regular basis and can already see a change! Great professionals, great pricing, great improvement in my quality of life!


Any Spine Chiropractic has been a lifesaver for my back and well-being. I began working out (after years of limited exercise) only to immediately injure my back. Dr. Justin and Dr. Zach are incredibly knowledgeable about chiropractic and very easy to talk to. They honestly listened to the problems I was having, did a full evaluation, and developed a plan to help me get back to my best self. Not only did they “fix” my spine, they took the time to explain stretches I could do at home as well as explain things (such as how to evaluate shoe quality) that I never before considered causing any stress on my spine. They are also incredibly eco-friendly, and try to do as much as possible via internet/email, but are happy to print out receipts upon request. I can say, without hesitation, I am sure I would not be able to continue even day-to-day activities, much less any type of exercise without their help. Any Spine Chiropractic has changed the way I view chiropractic permanently!


Before coming to Any Spine Chiropractic Center I was dealing with a lower back injury from a car accident 4 years previous. Dr. Justin is great at helping me understand what exactly was causing my pain, as well as gentle and comforting in the adjustment process. Any Spine is the reason that I am well on my way to recovering from this long standing injury. I always leave feeling free of pain. I strongly recommend Any Spine Chiropractic to anyone and everyone who wants to rid themselves of their aches and pains!


I love these two! They are very warm and friendly. You get a lot of individualized attention - they take their time working on you until the job is done, rather than squeeze in what they can in a quick 5 minute appointment. They're very open to questions, do a great job explaining their observations, and suggest helpful exercises to practice at home. They have a super sweet dog, Blake, who's sometimes around. But don't worry if you're not a fan of dogs, he generally keeps to himself quietly. Any Spine is very affordable too! I've been to one other chiropractor in Atlanta for my neck issues, which was a very busy practice where you did not get the same level of service and care you do at Any Spine. Since coming to Any Spine, I've also noticed the results big time! I highly recommend Any Spine!


I came to Dr. LaVigne suffering from headaches that would not go away. Each and every visit started with a detailed discussion of how I was feeling and how my headaches had been since my last visit.  After only a few weeks under his care, I began to have fewer headaches and started feeling better overall. I would recommend Dr. LaVigne to anyone who is suffering from headaches or is in need of a professional who truly cares about his or her wellbeing and wants them to get better.


I have been dealing with low back pain for over a year.  I have seen numerous doctors  for my injury.  Dr. Zach was sincere in his intake process.  He listened to my whole story about how my injury presented.  He performed a full evaluation including X-Rays and developed a treatment plan for my individual needs.  His adjustment was focused on my injury as well as a whole body treatment. I have been to chiropractors before for many years and never gotten an adjustment like Dr. Zach gave. Before leaving the office after every treatment I was told when to come back and given a friendly hug.  Dr.  Zach is a caring and kind chiropractor who puts his patients first.  I would recommend Dr.  Zach to anyone that has an injury or is seeking a quality chiropractor for whole body wellness.


I was suffering daily headaches and upper back pain from a fall I had. After one adjustment, my pain was gone and I had my first headache-less day in a week since that fall. Amazing doctors! The facility was cozy and relaxing as well. Highly recommend!


I had never been to a chiropractor because I was always skeptical of it being beneficial at all, but I am very pleased after my experiences here! I went in a couple weeks ago for a general wellness adjustment and I immediately felt better. After I left, I started sleeping better too! My back had been driving me crazy but thanks to Any Spine I feel much better 🙂 They were very professional, friendly, and welcoming.


First off..I love the location of this office. Its in a nice neighborhood where they turned a house into a chiropractic office where you can also get massages as well. I was surprised when I was given a tour and the doctor showed me they have chickens in the backyard, so not only did I leave with a adjustment I was lucky to get a egg during Easter. They had a Easter egg hunt and it was in the park across the street. The office is right by fritti and pure, so i was able to go for a walk and get food afterwards. The doctors are nice and they explained everything to me. i had terrible migraines and low back pain since I been getting adjusted here I havent had any issues. I will definitely be coming here for my massage and my adjustments.