Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic Care

Animals, just like humans, need chiropractic care.  Some dogs, like dachshunds and bulldogs are prone to spinal issues. Some other dogs tend to play extremely hard and at times trip, fall, or get tangled up.  Horses generally have a rider on their back and are required to make specific movements, increasing the stress on their body.  No matter what the cause, it is very important for your animal to be checked for spinal and extremity issues.

As a chiropractor, we are trained to find the areas of misalignment (subluxations) and correct these to restore the proper function of the body.  The adjustment is a high velocity, low force trust that acts to restore movement in a specific segment on the body. It also moves this segment into its original position increasing nerve flow and biomechanical function.

  • Small animals (dogs, cats, ferrets,…) will be seen on-site in the office or at a local veterinarian office.

  • Large Animal (horses, cows, goats, pigs…) I will meet you at your barn or a local barn for evaluation and adjustment.


Each visit I will evaluate your animal in the following ways:

  • Demeanor and Stance (weight shifts and balance issues)

  • Gait Analysis (proper overall function)

  • Static Palpation (heat, edema, and tenderness)

  • Motion Palpation (spinal and extremity structures)

All of these are taken into account to ensure that proper care is given.  If there is an issue with spinal or extremity alignment I will manually adjust these. This restores their original motion and frees the nervous system.  At the end of the visit, stretches and other recommendations may be made for you to do at home with your pet.


If you think your beloved animal may be in need of care please schedule with us today!

If you have any questions please contact our Certified Animal Chiropractic Doctor:

Dr. Justin Lucia |